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Monthly Cycles Overview

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Monthly Cycles is a personalized and easy to use tool to track, monitor and manage your monthly menstrual cycles.

The program calculates your fertile days and considers your menstrual cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy or find out the most prospective days for conceiving a boy or girl.

Key Features:

√ Powerful period calculation and streamlined user interface

√ Calendar based event management

√ Reports on Temperature, Acne, Cramps, Headaches, Backaches, Nausea, Neck aches, Tender Breasts, Period Length and Cycle Length

√ 5 different themes

√ Support up to 40 moods with icons

√ Journal feature

√ Weight logging


√ Use email to export your data

Color Legends:

Purple = Period Day

Cyan = Fertile Day

Green = Predicted Ovulation

Gray = Expected Period Day



Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 May 2010 07:56