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Calorie Master Overview

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Looking for the right app to achieve your goal on diet and fitness? Calorie Master can help you track how many calories you've burned, how many calories there are in your diet, and the number of calories in the food you eat.

Calorie Master is the easiest and smartest app to help you tailor your diet to your personal preferences and give you the best chance for long-term success.


√ Over 10,000 food items in the database

√ Food from popular restaurants

√ Track your daily food calories and exercises on calendar view

√ Set your daily goal and view diff on charts

√ Email your calorie data and weight

√ Add your custom food

√ Add food as favorites



√ Over 200 exercises in the database

√ Add custom exercises and favorite exercise

√ Track calories burnt with exercises



√ Log your weight and set goals

√ View your historical weight on charts

√ Manage and email your weight logs

√ Support BMI calculation



√ Password protection

√ Support both US and SI units

√ Display daily calorie count on app icon or badge

√ Customizable start screen




Last Updated on Wednesday, 05 May 2010 08:18